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Almost 30 years of experience,
over 15.000 students

Unique, acclaimed method,
used by Berkeley University

Small groups,
focus on conversation


Upcoming courses

Beginners A1

October 12, 2014

3 Nov. – 17 Dec / Mon. & Wed. / Evening (click for more info.)

Beginners A2

October 11, 2014

3 Nov. – 17 Dec / Mon & Wed/ Evening (Click for more info)

Intermediate B1

October 11, 2014

22 Oct. 2014 – 29 Jan. 2015 / Wed. / Evening (Click for more info.)

Dutch language tips
Dutch up your conversation skills and learn more about the Netherlands!

News, events and features

Dutch up! Filmclub with Soof

October 14, 2014


On Sunday 9 November, there will be a new edition of Direct Dutch Filmclub with Dutch movie ‘Soof’ Soof (short Read more

Dutch up! Workshop about Dutch dikes

October 13, 2014


When Direct Dutch Institute and The Hague Public Library team up to give internationals more opportunities to speak Dutch, you Read more

More news, events and features