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Category Archives: Spreek Nederlands! Met mij!

Super gezellige ‘Spreek Nederlands Dag 2016’!

July 4, 2016


‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ on Saturday 2 July was a big success! It was a lovely, sunny day. Not a drop Read more

Saturday 2 July is Spreek Nederlands Dag!

April 24, 2016


  On Saturday 2 July 2016 we will be organising the third edition of ‘Spreek Nederlands Dag’!     On Read more

Join Spreek Nederlands Dag 2015 (Speak Dutch Day)!

June 27, 2015


‘Spreek Nederlands Dag’ in the news! We are very happy with all the press attention we got for ‘Spreek Nederlands Read more

Winner Spreek Nederlands Dag 2015

June 26, 2015

foto 4

> En de winnaar van Spreek Nederlands Dag 2015 is… > And the winner of Speak Dutch Day 2015 is… Read more

Spreek Nederlands met mij: Seven reasons to learn Dutch

June 17, 2015


By Dr. Ruud Hisgen (Direct Dutch Institute), written for I am Expat Ninety percent of residents in the big Dutch Read more

Dutch! Why should internationals speak it?

October 10, 2014

IMG_1297 strip

There is no urgent need to learn Dutch. You are living in the International City of Peace and Justice on Read more

Give expats in The Hague the opportunity to speak Dutch!

September 3, 2014

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Expats who want to speak Dutch in The Hague, rarely get the opportunity. When they try to, they are usually answered in English. After a while they stop trying. Direct Dutch Institute wants to break this cycle. That’s why the language school started the campaign ‘Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij!’ (Speak Dutch! With me!).

Cafe Berger winner Spreek Nederlands dag 2014

July 5, 2014


Cafe Berger, located on Het Plein in the center of The Hague, is the winner of the first Spreek Nederlands Read more

Speak up and speak Dutch: in a cafe!

June 18, 2014


How to order in Dutch It’s a sunny day, and you’re having a drink on a pavement café (or terras) with Read more

Program ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ 2014

June 17, 2014


  Do you want to speak Dutch but do you feel embarassed or just a bit shy? Or do you Read more

Speak Dutch at work with our new tool

October 15, 2013


The Dutch are more than happy to speak English with you. But sometimes we’re a bit too eager, and we might overlook your attempts to speak Dutch. With our Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij! button-campaign, we tried to make people workings in shops, bars and restaurants aware of this. Now let’s also break the cycle at work, so you can speak Dutch with the people you spend more time with than your family!

Basic Dutch: Speak Dutch to me, Please!

September 10, 2013

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Basic Dutch: Speak Dutch to me, please! ( part IV)
How to convince the Dutch that you’ll never learn their language if they keep answering in English?

Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij! Direct Dutch Book Club

September 5, 2013

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After the success of our campaign ‘Spreek Nederlands! Met mij!’ (Speak Dutch! With me!) we want to encourage you to Read more

To be continued: ‘Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij! ‘

September 3, 2013

Wassenaarse Courant 001

As you may have noticed, our ‘Spreek Nederlands! met Mij! campaign is a huge succes. It  was covered by almost Read more

Let them speak Dutch! A few tips for the Dutch

August 14, 2013

We Dutch like to speak English, we’re good at it, so why not? Because expats don’t get a chance to learn Dutch, that’s why! For all the English language loving Dutch men, here’s a quick guide on how to talk to an expat who’s learning Dutch.