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Intensive intermediate B1

( A2- B1CEFR ) In this two week course, students consolidate their knowledge of Dutch grammar and extensively develop both their oral and written language skills.

Level: A2 – B1 CEFR
Group size: Maximum of 8 students
Duration: 10 afternoons, 30 hours
2 lessons of 1,5 hrs per day
Homework: 4 - 5 hrs per day
Times: Monday - Friday: 13:30 - 16:45 hrs
Course material:

The Intermediate course deals with the Direct Dutch Intermediate course book, including:

  • Grammar exercises consolidating the basics of Dutch grammar.
  • Texts and stories, building up a vocabulary of about 2000 words.
  • A reference grammar.
  • A pronunciation section.
  • Answers to all exercises.


Course price is including all course material!

No picture avalaible.
Price: EURO 560,- Including material
“I did the Intensive Intermediate course at Direct Dutch with just over two weeks to go for my NT2 exam. Two weeks with Petra, I was happily crooning to "O O Den Haag" and ready to subject anyone and everyone to my Dutch conversation. I passed 3 out of the 4 modules of NT2 the first time around and failed 1 by just 2 points (and passed it the second time).”

Aruna Subramanian- Spaans, about the intensive intermediate course
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Intensive intermediate B1

Two weeks Intensive intermediate course

The intensive intermediate course is meant for students who master the basics of Dutch and want to take it to the next level. In this two week course, students consolidate their knowledge of Dutch grammar and extensively practice and develop both their oral and written language skills. Throughout the course students are asked to actively use the Dutch language allowing them to expand their vocabulary and fluency and allowing the teacher to watch their development closely and give them individual feedback. After the intensive intermediate course, students will be well prepared for the NT2 I state exam. Yet, more importantly, they will have become independent speakers of Dutch, who are ready to express themselves on any subject in both a social and professional context.


Like all our courses, the intermediate course is highly interactive and focuses on communication. Students prepare for every class by covering a chapter from the book and preparing a short essay and a five minute presentation independently. In the afternoon classes, time will be divided between oral revision of the homework, presentations and class discussions. There is great focus on the students’ own input, allowing room to concentrate on each student’s individual needs and interests. Dutch is spoken throughout the course.


At Direct Dutch, we believe that it is impossible to separate a language from its cultural context. There is an important role for Dutch culture throughout our courses. The intermediate course works with authentic Dutch material as much as possible.


This course requires an elementary knowledge of Dutch (A2 level CEFR). Students who didn’t complete the Beginners A2 course at Direct Dutch Institute are required to make an appointment for a (free) oral test. Please click here for information about the test and to make the appointment.

Test NT2 Programme I level B1

In the last week of the course students will take home the reading exam (Wednesday) and the writing exam (Thursday) of the NT2 Programme I exam to prepare as homework. The last day of the course students will take the listening exam in class. As an additional service, Direct Dutch gives students the opportunity to make an appointment with the teacher for the oral exam (free of charge).

You will receive a Direct Dutch certificate, stating you have completed the Intermediate B1 (CEFR) course. After the B1 course, students are generally well prepared to take the official NT2 State Exam Programme I. Please note that the certificate is only a general indicator of the proficiency level. Click here to read more about this exam.Click here to read more about this exam.

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